Scott Allen

Portrait photo of Scott Allen

St. Louis

3537 S Kingshighway Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63139

Office: 314-353-0336


Scott’s the kind of guy who likes to know what makes things tick & has probably seen every episode of “How it’s Made”.  Just beneath the surface, you’ll find a great sense of humor & a man with a plethora of knowledge on countless subjects.  He’s a humble guy who consistently exceeds expectations & is an expert problem solver, yet rarely gives himself credit.  His previous career in residential construction & renovations offers you a fresh perspective while house hunting.  If you’re not one who can see vision or promise in a property, Scott can map it all out for you.  Scott enjoys taking strolls around his Fox Park neighborhood & loves areas that have cool, quirky & unique places to eat like Lafayette Square, The Hill & Kirkwood.  Over the years Scott’s hobbies have included saltwater aquariums, homebrewing beer, tinkering with older motorcycles & has recently become a futbol/soccer fan (go St. Louis FC!!).  When Scott’s not dissecting real estate transactions, he’s listening to live music, spending time with wife, Kelly, bragging about his daughter who became a doctor out of sheer determination & “not” spoiling his 2 dogs & cats.  

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